DSA Cold Storage established over 2 acre of area which facilitates easy loading and unloading of goods even under extreme climatic conditions
DSA Cold Storage is located at NH7.
DSA Cold Storage has fully automated machines which gives guarantee to your goods safety.
Large space store rooms (3 floors) for easy loading and unloading of goods and to store large scale of goods


    We welcome you to DSA COLD STORAGE PVT LTD. where, you have the assurance of enduring product quality of the products stored in our cold rooms. At DSA, we are committed to provide you the best solutions that are available in the industry with the latest proven technologies. But of course, we go only by our experience which is enormous, and which gives you the best combination of products, to make sure the product quality stays good for an extended period of life

    The company is consisting of three Directors namely, Mr.D.S.Akbal, Mr.A.Manzoor and Mr.A.Mazood. The key person Mr.D.S.Akbal, has studied up to secondary school level. He is the Managing Director of this company,who is eminent civil contractor for more than 15 years in civil constructions with all govt. departments, Audited Financial Statements for the last three years are enclosed for perusal. He is regular customer with KVB Bank, Dharmapuri branch. The other two directors are sons of Mr.D.S.Akbal.

  • Very large site area over 2 acres
  • Very large storage building which has 3 floors
  • 6000 MT (Four Chambers) capacity units
  • DSA Cold Storage located at Natioanl Highway - 7
  • Throughout the year operation period (24x7)
  • Fully automated machines
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